Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Two Weeks That Was

Almost three weeks, actually, since The Inn received some attention.

We have been having some heavy-duty construction here at the office cum domicile along with some attendant destruction. SWMBO decided that the pool had to go. (So the ducks will probably never be back.) It needed some major, i.e., expensive, repairs and since neither of us use it much, we have had the pool taken out. And also over the past couple of weeks, a new patio put in, and an enlarged garden begun. And a new, properly graded drive, too. The noise and chaos haven't left much inclination for messing about with the blog.

Tell ya what I have been messing about with, though: my brand, new Scottish smallpipes. These are made by Richard and Anita Evans and have a wonderful, rich sound. I've got An A and a D chanter and 4 drones, an alto, tenor, baritone, and bass. So far I've been sticking with the baritone and bass with the A chanter and the baritone and tenor on the D. There are several workable tunings but these are entertaining enough to be getting on with. And getting my great, lumpy fingers to maneuver about the small space in which the holes on the D chanter reside takes a great deal of getting used to also. Pictures to come.

There is going to be some more knocking and banging about at this location but not until early June when new front and back porches will be built. In the meantime, I am resolved to be more diligent in attending to the poor old Inn.