Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bachelordom Again and The Project III

Mary is off again to visit her mother for a couple of weeks so I will be pottering around the estate by myself. It does have its advantages: I can practice my pipes whenever I like. On the other hand, I will have no excuse for not practicing my pipes.

And speaking of practice, I did a wedding yesterday in San Diego which involved something over four hours of driving. Not my favourite thing to do but what a beautiful event it turned out to be. It was a little church in a still sparsely populated part of California. The weather was cool and brisk with a threat of rain; magnificent weather for the pipes and they sang wonderfully. They can be so #$%^! tempermental; it's always a delight when they're in a good mood. Even the church's music master commented on the nice tone the pipes were giving.

The Project, as mentioned before, is at a standstill. There's a good deal of reed-tweaking that needs to be done but I can't do anything further until the new bellows arrive. The maker assures me this will occur this coming week. I do have some very good chanter reed prospects but the final decision awaits the new bellows.