Friday, September 07, 2007

The Project: 1 Step Forward, 1/2 Step Backward

The Project has ground almost to a halt. The synthetic drone reeds have arrived. They have been subjected to a very small test. It seems like they will be an excellent addition. Just a little tweaking and we will be in business.

Why "very a small test"? I hear you ask. Because the hook holding the arm strap on the #$%&! bellows broke.


Off to the hardware store for another brass hook. But if they are small enough not to make a massive great hole in the face of the bellows, then they're too weak to stand the strain. I bought some that are somewhere in the middle and am using the bellows as sparingly as possible.

The new bellows can't arrive too soon. The ETA is mid-October.

Then I can start the search for a good chanter reed.