Saturday, April 08, 2006

Crisis of Conscience?

Did they think better of it? Are they ashamed of what they did at what one presumes was the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? (It might not have been, you know; substitution of more "relevant" substances than bread and wine, for instance, are not unknown amongst the more advanced clergy.) Because the Website Guy for the Archdiocese of Hollywood Religious Education Congress has moved all the pictures. All the links at this post will come up empty.

A little research can find them again so shame probably doesn't enter into it. If you go to the main page, which you can find here, you'll see the links at the top for the various pages of photos. Yes, the fly casting demonstration, the human sacrifice manque, the Gene Krupa wannabe, and, yes, the hot cantor babes are all still there. Just not where I said they would be. You'll have to search them out. And you'll have to make up your own snarky comments.

{Even this little one is still there. And I still don't know what she's supposed to be or what that's all about. And she's still too innocent looking for a comment any worse than "Uuhhh". But her parents do need a smack up the side of the head and a citation for Contributing to the Religious Ignorance of a Minor.]