Saturday, November 19, 2005

Normale. At last.

Our question has been answered: normale is 100 car torchings per night. Last night France had only 98. Ah, peace. It's wonderful.

Although, about that 98. Brussels Journal reminds us that if one car is set alight and the two cars on either side of it catch fire, it only counts as one (1) car fire. (And, as we learned last week, if the car isn't totally engulfed and the fire brigade puts it out, why there hasn't actually been a car fire at all.) Still, I'm sure it's consoling to be back to normale.

Tip for young French lads looking for a business to go into: think car dealership. 100 cars x 365 days a year = 36,500 folks in the market for an automobile. And, of course, this year there will be a bumper crop.