Thursday, October 04, 2018

Catching Up . . . sort of

It's been over a month, hasn't it.  Indeed, almost two months since we've cranked up blogspot, shifted The Inn in gear and pontificated about something or other. It's difficult to mind The Inn because it's online and in going online one is -- or at least I am -- immediately absorbed in the collapse of the current papacy.  I suppose if I had had something incisive or original to say I would've popped in for a bit. But I really didn't.

There are all sorts of sites to follow the Bergoglian catastrophe.  In my only occasionally humble opinion these are the best:

1 Peter 5
Rorate Cæli
What's Up With Francischurch?  (She doesn't publish as often as the others but it's always worth reading.)
The Moynihan Letters  (Tries to give the benefit of the doubt to PF, which I find difficult to read because I can't dig up a doubt to give PF the benefit of.   But he does reprint full copies of the relevant documentation.)
The Remnant  (THE trad bible for, oh, a half century or more.)
The Wanderer  (heavy on the politics but also full of factual reporting, much of which our most reverend fathers-in-God would prefer you not bother your pretty little head about.)

Most (all?) of those folks have Twitter feeds to keep you apprised of updates.

And that's where most of the online time went.  Well, that and the supreme court nomination exercize in rash judgement, calumny, and detraction.  (Does the Democrat party not realize that they are coming across to ordinary folk as certifiably insane, verging on the demonic?)  The Bergoglian affair does have more interest and importance sub specie æternitatis but the supreme court nomination hearings do capture the attention also.  You know, the way the six car traffic accident by the side of the road does.

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