Saturday, May 19, 2018

Speaking of Royal Weddings. . . .

. . . .which I wasn't, but everyone else seems to have been, on this day, the 19 of May, in 1536 Anne Boleyn was beheaded, putting a rather extreme end to that royal marriage.  (Yes, I know he already had a wife at the time that particular royal wedding occurred and marriage really ought to be in quotes or something.  But if you start going into details everything gets bogged down and. . . oh,  never mind.)

In any event,  my train of thought on this 19th of May in 2018 ran down one of its inexplicable side tracks and came up with this:

So everything really is on youtube.  And this was only one of many versions of "With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm" which my search came up with.  And I thought only I remembered that little bit of music hall fluff.