Friday, April 20, 2018

Trying Out a Brand New Way to Waste Valuable Time

It's called  It's the anti-Facebook.

So far I haven't been too obstreperous on FB and they haven't cancelled, edited, put me on probation, or otherwise sent me to Facebook Purgatory.   Or just sent me to online oblivion as apparently happens to the seriously naughty.

But it probably won't be long now when you contemplate what is now considered beyond the pale.  Steubenville U. got a slap on the wrist for posting a picture of the Franciscan crucifix.  I can be far more non-pc than that.  So MeWe might turn out to be an acceptable replacement if/when the Zuckernauts discover all those pictures of Ordinariate liturgy and let the hammer fall.

The downside is the obvious:  as a brand-new social medium MeWe has few participants compared to FB.   Still, the privacy standards are good and software UI is intuitive and comprehensive, IMHO, of course.  In time it should be solid competition for Mr Zuckerberg's brain child.  And it does seem to be growing rather well.