Friday, April 20, 2018

Spring may possibly be back

Well, not all the garden residents are entirely sure about it.  Although, as you see the Japanese Maple is almost back to full greenery standard and seems to have no doubts about it.

The white roses are fairly confident too.  Some of her neighbours to the left came out way too early and are now catching their breath.  And probably waiting for me to remove the dead-heads, which will happen presently.

Ah, but the birches.  The birches have just barely got a toe in the water, so to speak.  The little fellow above has a few companions, to be sure, but not very many for practically the last week in April.  On the plus side, they do keep their leaves well into  what passes for autumn here in southern California.  (Far hotter than what the calendar tell us is summer, for those who were wondering.)

And, as almost always, you can click on the pictures above and render them well-nigh brobdingnagian.  You could count the veination.