Friday, December 29, 2017

St Thomas of Canterbury

The Inn loves to keep the feast of St Thomas Becket, a.k.a., St Thomas of Canterbury.  Alas, since The Inn is in its 15th year we ran out of new and interesting things to say a few years ago.   So here's a post from two years ago.

And another post from a dozen years ago.

And once again, a recommendation for Robert Hugh Benson's biography of St Thomas, "The Holy Blissful Martyr, Saint Thomas à Becket".  Neumann Press printed a lovely edition before TAN bought them out.  ABE books has three or four listed but they're rather dear.  Perhaps TAN still has some of Neumann Press's old stock somewhere.

(A medieval picture of St Thomas's martyrdom, along with a Magnificat antiphon for his feast,  are still up over on the left-hand column if you scroll down a bit.)