Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Has it been that long?

Indeed it has.  Here it is almost Thanksgiving and The Inn has been sorely neglected since Walsingham Day.

Since our last exciting episode the Memsahib has acquired a new car, I've left the local pipe band  (on very good terms, to be sure;  just too many commitments that would require bilocation), the choir has been singing some challenging pieces (for me, anyway), the dem team for the LA branch of the RSCDS performed at the Seaside Highland Games and I did not make a complete ass of myself, I'm scheduled to play for the St Andrew's Ball and have hardly begun to practice, and between the two of us Herself and I have visited a small battalion of doctors, none of whom have found anything much but - just to be on the safe side - why don't we visit this next specialist to check out this piece of business which might be something untoward.  So we'll do that and with the help of God they won't find anything either.

And while puttering about on the web I found  this page, which is full of interesting ideas.  Not as juicy as Breitbart perhaps but it makes for variety.