Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Filial Correction

Of course, you've heard about it by now.  I can't imagine that anyone who frequents this little store-front located down one of the back alleyways of the internet can possibly have failed to learn of The Filial Correction.  

So this post isn't really to inform you of it.  It's more in the nature of hoisting the flag and showing a bit of solidarity with the good folk who put it together.  And in some cases probably kissed their careers good-bye in doing so.

Here's the document in question then.

And if you are in sufficient agreement, you can make your agreement public here.

What good will it all do?  Dunno.   Francis has the plenitudo potestatis and who has the authority to say him nay?  Nobody I know of.  But the alternative is to do nothing.