Monday, February 29, 2016

Found While Looking for Something Else

That little piece of business is a list of the officers of the court of common pleas in Dublin sometime in the 18th century.  The source, if I recall correctly, actually did give an exact date.   But alas, I don't recall, the source or the exact date . . . correctly or otherwise.   I know.  I should write these  things down.

And look at all those wonderful titles.  Would you like to be the court's own Tipstaff and Cryer?  Mind, you'd probably have to work your way up from Deputy  Cryer.  A Chirographer is listed but then says to see the Keeper of the Writs.  Are they the same thing?  Or does the Chirographer work for the Keeper of the Writs?  The Clerk of the King's Silver has a deputy; I suspect they keep a close eye on each other.

I would probably be taking advantage of the Clerk of the Essoins.  The dictionary says this fellow is in charge of excuses for not showing up, e.g.,  the dog ate my writs and I had to chirograph a whole new set.

As [almost] always, you can click on the roster above and make it a good deal larger and more legible.