Sunday, January 24, 2016

For those - if any - who have noted my absence:

The Inn has been rather neglected these past few weeks, hasn't it.  But I have a legitimate excuse this time.  No, honestly!  Mary had knee-replacement surgery on the 4th of January and I have either been at the hospital keeping her company and learning how to help with the physical therapy or, now that she's home, actually helping with the said physical therapy, keeping track of the various medication schedules - mostly not a problem, except the one at 3:00 a.m. - and generally playing valet so that she doesn't get up and try to do things she shouldn't.  There wasn't a lot of time left for non-essentials, which, alas, The Inn is.

And she's doing rather well, thank you for asking.  Better in fact than most others we've known who've had the surgery.  Not ready for any three-beat pas de basque just yet.  But progressing nicely.

If you're thinking of this procedure for yourself, be forewarned.  As good as the end result will be, the first part of the recovery period is murderously painful.  Everyone in Mary's ward had had this operation and everyone hurt.   A lot.