Saturday, December 13, 2014

Friday the 13th . . .

. . . comes on a Saturday this month.  All the usual precautions apply.

If, as hardly seems likely, you've been waiting this whole long ten days to find out the results of the Great Crook, Criminal, Scalawag, or Rascal Manhunt of 2014 alluded to below, the alleged crook, criminal, scalawag, or rascal who was the object thereof got away clean.  It didn't actually take the full ten days to come up with that intelligence, though.  We knew that night.  But as usual, your servant has been neglecting The Inn for assorted other pasttimes, e.g., doctor/dental appointments, classes, gigs, practicing on the new melodeon (we are getting better!  Not perhaps good just yet, but definitely better), and general puttering around here and there.