Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Votin' Day

The loathsome collection of liars, thieves, and venture capitalists that have been besieging our telephone these past few days seem to have retired.  I guess this means the polls are almost closed.

Yes, the civic religion proclaims this a Holy Day of Obligation and so we have fulfilled our Obligation and voted.  For all the good it'll do.  As has been mentioned before in this space, California in general and our area in particular are so precisely gerrymandered as to  render a non-Democrat vote a complete waste of effort.  And this year for the first time that I can recall, there are not even any third party candidates on the ballot.  The inmates of The Sacramento Home for the Criminally Insane, after years of effort, finally got their way and kept those pesky third party folks off the ballot.  Consequently, as neither the Evil Party nor the Stupid Party came  up with anyone palatable for governor or state assembly, I had to go to the trouble of writing in Frank Skeffington and Al Smith.  Yes, that was mostly a waste of time,too, wasn't it.  But I will get some satisfaction out of it and that's all that can be hoped for in this state.

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