Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 29 -- Blesseds Denis & Redemptus, Carmelite Martyrs

November 29th in the Carmelite calendar is the feast of Bl Denis and Bl Redemptus, two Carmelite friars martyred by the Mahometans in the 17th century.  There's an old post with their vitæ here.

The old collect:
O God, Who in Thy wondrous providence, didst lead blessed Dionysius and Redemptus through the perils of the sea to the palm of martyrdom, grant through their intercession that in the midst of earthly vicissitudes and worldly desires we may remain steadfast even unto death in the confession of Thy name. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

(It's also the birthdays of Vin Scully, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, and Janet Napolitano.  Let those who place great stock in the horoscope make of that what they will.)

[Addendum:  Yes, I had the wrong month typed in there for the longest time, hadn't I.  Well, it's correct now. November it is.]