Sunday, August 10, 2014

Heard on the Radio

An actress was being interviewed on the radio as I was driving home from Mass this afternoon.  I don't remember the name; it wasn't familiar to me.  But apparently she is well-known to the rest of the radio-listening population for acting in a television series, probably British, in which she plays a Danish detective who wears a sweater.

But this is the part of the interview that stayed with me.  She had had breast cancer and is now in remission.  She told of how she is continually asked by interviewers, "How did you feel to learn that you might die?"  She found that an extraordinary question.  Of course she's going to die. Everybody's going to die.  She thought the really interesting question was how is it that the majority of the population seems to think that they won't die.

It's really not an if question; it's a when question.