Thursday, July 17, 2014

Found Again

If you happen to frequent the Anthony Trollope webpage, you know that you can subscribe to the Anthony Trollope quote of the week.  Not usually riotously funny, if that's what you were hoping for.  But usually insightful enough into human nature -- or at least my human nature -- as to give a start of recognition.

In clearing out the email in-box, I found this one from two or three weeks ago.

"He did not find in the contemplation of his grievance all that solace which a grievance usually gives."
          -The Small House at Allington

And then in looking up the webpage citation -- for what's a blog post without a citation? -- there was this:

"In ordinary life events are so unfrequent, and when they do arrive they give such a flavour of salt to hours which are generally tedious, that sudden misfortunes  come as godsends, almost even when they happen to ourselves."
          -Marion Fay

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