Saturday, July 26, 2014

26 July - The Feast of St Ann, Mother of the Bl Virgin Mary

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Anna parens sublimis Dominæ,
quæ est mater misericordiæ,
gemma lucens cælestis curiæ,
te veneramur amore Filiæ. 
Anna, mother of that eminent Lady
who is the Mother of Mercy,
the bright gem of the celestial court,
we venerate thee with the love of thy daughter.
   -- Magnificat antiphon in the Carmelite office of Vespers for the        feast of St Ann
Some prayers to St Anne for her feast day.

(FWIW, as far back as I have been able to find, which is 1824 at the moment, every woman on my father's side of the family has been named Anne, AnneMarie, or Mary Ann.  And my wife's confirmation name is Anne.  And that means . . . um, well I don't know what that means.  But happy St Anne's day, anyway.)