Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Found While Looking for Something Else

ADDENDUM:  This post would have made a lot more sense yesterday -- what with allusions to nostalgia and all -- had I remembered to mention that the video cited is from 1931.  I.e.,  the "New Lord Abbot" hasn't been new in 83 years.  So, once again, bearing the date 1931 in mind, herewith:

"The New Lord Abbot receives the Abbatial Blessing at Mount Melleray" says the title of this silent video:

We don't actually get to see an abbatial blessing. What it is, is about two minutes worth of procession into the monastic chapel by assorted clerics and religious: lots of lace-on-cottas, old religious habits (I noted after a couple of run-throughs Franciscans, Dominicans, one each Redemptorist, Passionist, and Discalced Carmelite, and perhaps a couple of Augustinians).   There are a few clerics wearing what look like papal mozettas  --  I suspect they're canons of the local diocese.  A pair of cappae magnae bring up the rear.

It's a delight to see in the beginning and in the end kind of sad and nostalgic, remembering the stark-white polyester nightgowns that make up clerical processions in the 21st century.  (They seem to be called "cassockalbs", God help us.)