Thursday, January 30, 2014

30 January -- The Judicial Murder of King Charles I

A year of years ago (that's 365) on this day King Charles I was executed at the behest of the dictator Cromwell.

On the morning of 30th January, 1649 Charles awoke early and told his attendant Thomas Herbert, “this is my second marriage day… for before night I hope to be espoused to my blessed Jesus.” The winter weather was so severe that the Thames had frozen over. The King was concerned that the cold would make him shiver giving the appearance of shaking with fear, so he asked as he was dressed to be provided with an extra shirt for warmth (one of these shirts is kept at Windsor Castle and the other at the Museum of London).
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"On this day we must remember to pray for all rulers, especially those divinely ordained to rule, that they may come closer to Christ and his Church."
-Fr. B.