Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Henry Higgins, Look to Your Laurels

Courtesy of the New York Times you can take the Harvard Dialect Test which will tell you, and I quote, "the pattern of your dialect".  You can find it here.

I took the thing.  It said I speak like a resident of Salt Lake City, Utah, Grand Rapids, Michigan,  and/or Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I speak least like a Bostonian.

Now,  I have only spent about 4 hours in Boston and that was in  Logan Airport last May changing planes on the way back to California.  And that's it.  So they got that right.  Otherwise. . . .

On the way to Calgary, I once spent about 45 minutes changing planes in Salt Lake City (I never saw so may cowboy hats in my life).

I was driven through Milwaukee once when I was eleven or twelve.

I have never been in Grand Rapids, or indeed the state of Michigan,  in my life.

Harvard,  you say?