Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rushing the Growler

The growler is back.  The Wall Street Journal has an article on its return in this morning's paper.  You can find it on line here.   No, it's not an irascible editor down at the WSJ but a container for picking up some draught beer to bring home.  According to my mother and my uncles it used to be a tin bucket with a lid.  But now the Journal informs us it is an elegant porcelain or china contraption holding 64 ounces.   I'm told my grandfather would send one of the boys down to the corner with his growler and have him bring back the beer.  This was called rushing the growler.  And apparently it was no unusual thing for a 10 or 11 year old to be hauling a bucket of beer back to dad.  I couldn't say if this was pre- or during prohibition.  Could very well have been during.  I am reliably informed Grandpa was no great fan of the Volstead Act.  Some day I'll tell you about the time - most assuredly during prohibition - the railroad porter dropped Grandpa's suitcase and broke all the bottles of beer in it.  Grandpa sued the railroad.