Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Festæ Carmelitanæ

Yesterday the 16th was a complete loss for The Inn.  We missed putting up anything about Our Lady of Mount Carmel, whose feast it was.  And today the 17th is almost gone and nothing has appeared about the holy Carmelite martyrs of Compiegne.

A bit tardy, but here is something from The Inn in a prior year on Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  The same day is also considered the feast commemorating the Carmelite scapular and here Mrs Vidal, who is far more organized than I and not at all tardy, has a nice piece on the brown scapular.

And a little more scapularia:

From the July/August 1980 number of The Maryfaithful:


When certain Portuguese questioned the genuineness of the Sabbatine Privilege in the year 1609, the matter was thoroughly investigated by the Holy Office in Rome, and at the end of three years, on January 20, 1613, Pope Paul V approved the following: "It is lawful for the Carmelites to preach that the faithful may reverently believe...that the Blessed Virgin will assist by her continued intercession, by her pious suffrage and merits, and also by her special protection after their death, particularly on Saturday (which day has been dedicated to the most holy Virgin by the Church), the souls of those Brethren and members of the Confraternity who depart this life in charity, and who whilst living on earth have worn the Habit, have observed chastity according to their state of life, and have recited the Little Office, or, if they know not how to read, have observed the fasts of the Church and have abstained from flesh meats on Wednesdays and Saturdays (unless the feast of Christmas falls on either of these days.)"

And for the Holy Carmelite martyrs of Compiegne, whose feast is actually today in the Carmelite calendar, you can't do better on-line than Terrye Newkirk's booklet which is published here.  A few years ago I put up a little excerpt here.   For a thorough book-length exploration, Professor William Bush's "To Quell the Terror" can't be outdone.