Sunday, April 28, 2013

Some Piping (and dancing) for the Weekend

Last November the memsahib and I were at the annual dancing weekend put on by the San Francisco branch of the RSCDS. There was Scottish country dancing from Friday evening through Sunday morning at Asilomar on the Monterey peninsula.

The clip above shows the Reel of the 51st Highland Division being danced at the ball on Saturday night to music from Fiddlesticks & Ivory with Ron Wallace standing in on pipes.   If you want to skip the brief, i.e., dance instructions, and go right to the music, move the cursor up 60 seconds.   I meant to post this some time ago but after being shown it by the man who filmed it, I couldn't find it again.  Seems I was searching for The Reel of the 51st when I should've been searching for  RSCDS Asilomar. 

Those of you who already know what I look like shouldn't have too much trouble locating your servant off on the left rank.  And, no, Mary wasn't my partner for this one.  She was up in the balcony with a friend of ours, the one who, in fact, took this video with a wee Samsung camera phone.

(The Reel of the 51st has an interesting history.  You can find a short version here and a slightly longer one here.)