Saturday, March 02, 2013

St David of Wales

The feast of St David, bishop and confessor, the national patron of Wales . . . was yesterday.

Oh, dear.  Mea culpa.  I had my citations ready and then on the day got distracted.  But it's not too late for a bowl of potato leek soup or to pray a collect in honour of St David.

Almighty God, who dist call Thy servant David to be a faithful and wise steward of Thy mysteries for the people of Wales: in Thy mercy, grant that, following his purity of life and zeal for the gospel of Christ, and assisted by his prayers, we may with him receive the crown of everlasting life; through Jesus Christ our Lord, to Whom with Thee and the Holy Ghost be all honour and glory, world without end.  Amen.

More about St David here and here.