Saturday, March 02, 2013

She hates too much praise. . . .

. . . so for the most part I just link  without comment.  But sometimes you have to risk it.

I've been following the papal retirement story as much as I can bear to.  The secular press is, well, wrong. To put a kindly word on it.   The Catholic commentary contains a tremendous amount of pious drivel.  (No, I won't cite you to any.  It may be twaddle, but so far as I can tell, harmless twaddle.)  Some commentary is just bizarre.  Some quite good. Robert Moynihan's series of reflections have been informative and balanced.

But Hilary White's piece in LifeSiteNews pierces the heart.   This is a beautiful piece of writing you shouldn't miss.  Do click on the link.  It's quite moving.   She puts you in the square at Castelgandolfo on the day itself.

(I put more up here in this space originally.   I re-read what I wrote.   Hmmm.  I may have overdone it.  I tend to gush (especially at one in the morning) when I really like something.  It's still true, mind, but it was a bit florid.  Even for me.)