Friday, February 01, 2013

Found While Looking for Something Else

There is nothing greater than the Church, the "Great Church", as Celsus called her in the third century, in order to distinguish her from the heretical self-styled "churches." She is likened to a tree in which the birds build their nests. Indeed, since the sanctification and glorification of the Church are the ultimate end of all created things it is necessary that social institutions, kingdoms and families should derive their strength and their permanence from her. At Rome, in the pontificate of St Clement, she was called the firstborn of all creatures, for whom all other things were made. Therefore liberalism, the theory that the Church and the State are two irreducible parallels, is an anarchical idea, which resolves itself in pure atheism. History, life's great teacher, demonstrates but too clearly the truth of that which was said by the ancient author of the Epistle ad Diognetum -- namely, that the world without the spirit of Christianity is no more than a decaying corpse from which the soul has fled.
- from the Liber Sacramentorum of Bl Ildefonse Cardinal Schuster in the article on the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost, pg 417 of volume 1.