Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Name is John Wellington Welles. . .

. . .a dealer in magic and spells,
in blessing and curses,
in ever-filled purses,
in prophecies, witches and knells.
If you've anyone anything lacks,
you'll find it all ready in stacks,
if you'll only look in
on the resident Djinn
Number 70 St Mary Axe.

And you will, indeed,  have to look in on him now because you won't get any more of that gear on Ebay as of today.  It says so right here in this morning's WSJ. It seems Ebay didn't quite know how to deal with the complaints:

The San Jose, Calif., company says handling complaints was a problem when, for example, customers didn't win the lottery after buying a spell that promised them they would, or didn't turn into werewolves after imbibing a potion that guaranteed a transformation.

Well, sure.  You can see where someone would be upset if he paid good money to be transformed into a werewolf and all he got was a five o'clock shadow.   (But you do have to wonder if some of these whiners actually waited for a full moon.)