Sunday, July 01, 2012

Nobody Eviscerates Better

Mark Steyn, of course.


Thus, the Supreme Court's Obamacare decision. No one could seriously argue that the Framers' vision of the Constitution intended to provide philosophical license for a national government ("federal" hardly seems le mot juste) whose treasury could fine you for declining to make provision for a chest infection that meets the approval of the Commissar of Ailments. Yet on Thursday, Chief Justice John Roberts did just that.

And this:

. . . Chances are I'm wrong, and the justices are wrong, and the government's wrong, and the consequences of Obamacare will be of a nature none of us has foreseen. But we already know Obama's been wrong about pretty much everything – you can keep your own doc, your premiums won't go up, it's not a tax, etc. – and in the Republic of Paperwork multitrillion-dollar cost overruns and ever-greater bureaucratic sclerosis seems the very least you can bet on. It should also be a given that this decision is a forlorn marker on a great nation's descent into steep decline and decay. Granted the dysfunctionalism of Canadian health care, there's at least the consolation of an equality of crappiness for all except Cabinet ministers and NHL players. Here, it's 2,800 unread pages of opt-outs, favors, cronyism, and a $695 fine for those guilty of no crime except wanting to live their lives without putting their bladder under the jurisdiction of Commissar Sebelius.

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