Saturday, April 14, 2012

Found While Looking for Something Else

It breaks my heart to see so many souls being lost. If only things were not so bad! If only there were not more and more being lost every day! Help me, sisters in Christ, help me in imploring our Lord to grant this!

This is why He has gathered you here; this is your calling; this is what your task has got to be; this is all you have got to long for, cry for, pray for!

The world is on fire; and it looks as though they would like to condemn Christ anew, so to speak, for they keep bringing up endless accusations; they are trying to wreck His Church. For the love of God beg His Majesty to hear our prayers in this regard; and I--wretch that I am--will also beg Him for the same thing, since His glory and the good of His Church are at stake.

-The Way of Perfection, St Teresa of Avila