Monday, March 26, 2012

Nice One

One of the opinion pieces in the WSJ this morning opens with this:

Social networking, texting, email and digital messages have borrowed the keys to the English language and are joy-riding all over the landscape, smashing body panels and junking up the fancy interior. Many thoughtful people are worried.

I enjoyed that more than all the rest of the paper.

(Insightful as it is, the author doesn't necessarily go where that first sentence might lead you to believe he's going. I'm not sure I agree with his conclusion, although he's pretty persuasive. The article is here if you want to decide for yourself.)

Sidebar: Blogspot, the high-tech child of Google, doesn't recognize texting as a word. And having typed that sentence, I notice that Blogspot doesn't recognize Blogspot either. Is that irony or am I thinking of something else? Fowler's is in the other room where Herself is having a nap and I can't look it up.