Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Magnificat during Solemn Vespers

I was rooting around YouTube looking for something Advent-ish, maybe even from Gaudete Sunday, which was last Sunday and which I missed mentioning altogether. I ran into this instead. It's been posted here and there on several sites that I visit regularly so you've probably seen it before,too. But it's lovely and worth a re-post.

Here's what the original poster had to say about it:

Fr. Lang and Dr. Laurence Hemming assist in the Incensation of the Altar at the Magnificat in the Solemn Vespers of the Exultation of the Cross. Merton College Chapel, Oxford University. CIEL 2006 Conference.

It brings back good memories of solemn vespers each Sunday when I was at school.

As for Advent and Gaudete Sunday there are all sorts of good things. But I rather liked this one, just called Gaudete but which isn't really about Gaudete Sunday. I first heard it on a recording Steeleye Span did waaaay back in the last century. They had a wonderful, strong bass line. . .even I could find the note to sing along. I still have that recording around here somewhere. The video below is a more refined version and still a joy to listen to.