Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Reels

Not a bagpipe to be seen in the entire clip. . . just some knock out reels on box and fiddle for what has turned out to be a fairly lazy Tuesday.

This was to be the day the carpenter and the painters finished up and we could start getting everything back in order. Alas, in the event, it was not to be. The painter-in-chief had a serious illness in the family so nobody came. Next week. They've promised. Cross their hearts and hope to die.

We shall see.

It's also our wedding anniversary. (The 31st, since you ask. No, I can't believe it either. It seems like maybe 5 or 6 years.) We were going to spend it minding the carpenters and painters. Instead, with no one to oversee, we went out to a restaurant we can't really afford. Herself had the rainbow trout and I had the swordfish which they do so well. It's like the tenderest filet mignon, only not as heavy. Lovely stuff.

And now we should be getting more things put away in the areas that the painters have finished with. But instead herself is having a nap and I am puttering around on the internet and listening to traditional Irish music.

Oh, yes. Irish music. The first tune in the clip above is familiar but I haven't the slightest idea what the name might be. But the second is the tune usually called Finnegan's Wake, although it was around under another name before it acquired the Finnegan's Wake words. The third one seems to be Back of the Haggard, although it's not a familiar arrangement. I could easily be wrong about that. The players are Roisín Ryan and Padraig O Sé.