Friday, September 02, 2011

More Saints: The September Martyrs

From Catholic Online:

A group of 190 martyrs who were massacred on September 2 and 3, during the French Revolution. The most prominent martyrs of this group were John Mary du Lau, the archbishop of ArIes; Francis de la Rochefoucauld, bishop of Beauvais; Louis de la Rochefoucauld, bishop of Saintes; Benedictine Augustine Chevreux, last superior general of the Maurists; Charles de la Calmette, the count of Valfons; Julian Massey: Louis de la Touche; and Carmes. One hundred twenty were martyred at the Carmelite Church on the rue de Rennes in Paris. They were all beatified in 1926.

I hadn't known of these martyrs. I mean, I surely knew of the massacres perpetrated by the revolutionaries but not that these in particular had been beatified. Thanks to Mrs Vidal, you can learn about them here. And do follow her links for more of the story.