Friday, July 22, 2011

Chaos Manor

Jerry Pournelle's webpage/blog/daybook has Chaos Manor as part of the title. I'm borrowing the name for the nonce. You can see why above. This is the front room; the parlour, if you will. It is usually only used for state occasions. At the moment it's full of boxes and furniture from everywhere else in the house. We await the guy to install the moulding tomorrow. On Monday the painter arrives. With any luck, the rest of the kitchen cabinets will be in so that he can paint them. At some point the guy who installed the baseboards will have to re-do two rooms. Today the lady came to consult with The Memsahib about the counter top tile, which won't actually be tile but silestone, whatever that is.

So The World and The Church will have to toddle along somehow with very little attention from me for yet a while longer. And as for piping. . .I can't locate my Irish warpipe. I think I know where it ought to be but I can't quite get into that area for all the boxes. Fortunately I can see my Highland pipes, although it will take some serious furniture and box movement to get at them.

Renewal proceeds apace.