Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Week Shy of Blogging

We are still in the midst of The Great Renewal. No, not the liturgical one, the household one. Last week we had the electricity re-done and up-graded. We are now well-grounded and have three-prong plug outlets and an attic fan to cool the house. I also had only intermittent power to run the PC last week, hence the even less than intermittent blogging.

This week they start in on the kitchen. And the floors. All the carpeting is being taken up. The carpet taker-uppers will be starting on this room, wherein The Inn is sent forth to meet the world, any minute now. We will have to unplug and be computerless for the nonce.

Next week the painters. And then the guys to re-finish the floors.

It could be worse. I could be married to someone who likes to do this all the time. Once in 20 years or so isn't bad. Herself hates disruption as much as I do. But eventually something has to be done to keep the place from falling down around our ears. Even I, who hate disruption and turmoil and look with deep suspicion on renewal, have to agree.