Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vatican Ceremonies

My friend Eloise sent me this link the other day to videos of Vatican ceremonies. In her words:

New since the 1st of May. Yesterday was Corpus Christi Mass and completely filmed....and today one can keep seeing it over and over again. Many languages. They keep showing these events until the next one.
. . . . .

Scheduled are:
June 24 Audience to members of ROACO Sala Clementina.
June 26 Angelus....Vatican
June 29 Mass an Imposition of the Pallium...Vatican

Right at the moment it's broadcasting the Holy Father's lastest Angelus talk. In Italian, alas. Ah, but now the Angelus and blessing in Latin. Followed by French, English, and presumably other vernaculars later.

Thanks, Eloise.