Friday, May 27, 2011

Speaking of piping. . . .

I had a little gig this morning with one interesting and one pleasurable feature. It was a funeral and the deceased's son-in-law and I have the same first and last names. We had a short rummage through the known genealogy and discovered we are. . . .no relation at all. Still, John Cahill leaving messages for John Cahill on his wife's phone made for some interesting explanations.

The pleasurable bit was playing in an outdoor mausoleum. What we have here is marble-faced walls and marble flooring with an open ceiling. This makes for a wonderful reverb and the lack of a ceiling opens up the venue and keeps the sound from being oppressive. This is a great place to play; the pipes sound really rich. I'd like to have stayed for another hour. I might have if other services weren't scheduled.