Thursday, May 05, 2011

Carne asada, roast green peppers, onions, and hold the cinco de Mayo

No matter what it looks like in the adverts in the papers, it's not Mexican independence day. That's in September. This day commemorates a battle lost by the forces of the Emperor Maximilian to the liberal Mexican revolutionaries in 1862. So it is a Mexican holiday of sorts. A Mexican school friend of mine was always amazed by the American celebration of Cinco de Mayo. He said it would be as if Mexicans were to celebrate the U.S.A. by commemorating Flag Day and ignoring the fourth of July.

But I wouldn't celebrate it anyway. I would've been supporting the Emperor, never missing the chance, as is my wont, to be on the losing side.

Here is a short life of the Emperor Maximilian.

And here is an excellent site on imperial Mexico.

And that headline? Oh, that's what we had for lunch. Fajitas with rice and beans. Not a celebration, mind you. Just a lunch. There was some left over which we brought home and which I will have after class tonight with a beer to toast the Empress Charlotte.