Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Has It Been Two Weeks Already?

So it would seem. The evidence appears incontrovertible.

As we used to say when I was a boy, "I've got the miseries." (Or more nearly "I'se got da miz'ries", as I learned it phonetically.) It started with something which the MD says might be a hernia or just an inflammation, but isn't, thank God, cancer, and so far reacts well to the anti-inflammatory and the pain medication. This is topped off with the standard springtime sore throat and cough type cold. In short, da miz'ries.

The thing is, if one feels cruddy enough, nothing seems quite interesting enough to blog about. If I can't rouse some enthusiasm for this effort, I can hardly expect you to, now can I. (This post, however, is about me. And so even though you may be bored senseless with it, I am fascinated.)

And now no matter how I feel, I have left myself with less than a week to finish the taxes. (Which I'm supposed to be doing now.) So when another post will appear is anybody's guess.