Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some Piping for the Weekend

Another older recording of pipe band music, this from the 48th Highlanders of Canada. Note the lower pitch of the pipes. The tunes are three retreat tunes, the 2d being Battle of the Somme and the 3d The Heights of Dargai. The first one has me stumped; it is so familiar but I can't place it. (FWIW, it's not in either of the Scots Guards volumes or either of the Gordons volumes. It's pretty easy to research as there aren't many retreat tunes that start on high A. I may have a look through some more books later on. It's a nice little tune.)

No video in this video, though, but a series of photographs. Says the explanation on the YouTube site: "In honour of the men who served with the 48th Highlanders of Canada during World War 2 we present their photographic journey from Toronto to England in the fall of 1939 and the spring of 1940." I found them quite interesting.