Monday, December 06, 2010

December 6 -- St Nicholas

A 2007 post from Vultus Christi on St Nicholas. A necessary patron.

A new post from Mrs Vidal on St Nicholas
. I love the illustration she uses. The desperate hope on the faces of the soon-to-be-executed can be felt. (I find myself visiting The Fountain of Elias more and more often lately. And Tea at Trianon, too. The Fountain is deeper but Tea is always of interest.)

Some propers for St Nicholas from the Melkite Byzantine tradition:

The Troparion and Kontakion for our Father among the Saints Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia, The Wonderworker

O Father and Pontiff Nicholas, the holiness of your life was set before your flock as rule of faith, an example of meekness and a teaching of temperance; wherefore you acquired greatness through humility and spiritual wealth through poverty. Pray to Christ God that He may save our souls.

In Myra, you proved yourself to be a priest, a servant of divine things, O Saint, for you fulfilled the gospel of Christ, O Holy One: you gave up your life for your people and saved the innocent from death. You have been sanctified, for you were a great guide towards the things of God.