Thursday, December 16, 2010

Checking in. . . .

This has been another one of those weeks -- no, "two" weeks -- that seems busy from the inside and uneventful from the outside. The time has been nibbled to death by gnats. Some end-of-the-year stuff, some extra pipe practice for a wedding coming up on Saturday and assorted Christmas parties, one of which is tonight. This one includes a duet (using my D chanter on the smallpipes) with a fiddler I haven't practiced with since last year. Should be interesting.

The clip above is one-time through the Kandahar Reel. Why? Well, I like it. And tonight's party will be full of dancers and I've got it on my mind. I posted a clip of the full version some time ago but this one is not only shorter but a bit different. Skip-change on the two-hand turns rather that pas de basque for a start; an improvement IMHO.