Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 17 - St Hugh of Lincoln

St Hugh was a Carthusian monk, prior of Witham and finally bishop of Lincoln. He was the first Carthusian to be canonized, even before the founder, St Bruno, apparently. "St. Hugh's emblem is a white swan, in reference to the beautiful story of the swan of Stowe which contracted a deep and lasting friendship for the saint, even guarding him while he slept."

The image shows his cathedral which he rebuilt after the earthquake of 1185.

Like most of the great prelates who came to England from abroad, St. Hugh was a mighty builder. He rebuilt Lincoln cathedral, ruined by the great earthquake of 1185 and, though much of the minister which towers over Lincoln is of later date, St. Hugh is responsible for the for the four bays of the choir, one of the finest examples of the Early English pointed style. He also began the great hall of the bishop's palace.

So says the good old Catholic Encyclopædia.

There is a short life here and a longer one from the said good old Catholic Encyclopædia here. The CE is worth a look. St Hugh was a much better diplomat in dealing with King Henry II than was the poor martyred St Thomas. The CE tells the story.