Monday, November 22, 2010

Fashion News

Funerals aren't what they used to be. You've heard that before if you frequent this parish. Today's sermon, dearly beloved, is in particular about dress.

I used to be surprised when the funeral director and I were the only two men wearing neckties. We still are, but I'm no longer surprised. (Of course, sometimes the funeral director is a woman so it's only me.) The well-dressed man at a California funeral is usually wearing freshly-pressed slacks and a clean sport shirt. That's the well-dressed portion. It's down hill from there.

But this weekend there was a trend of sorts: a large assortment - a dozen perhaps? - of men all in black. Black trousers, jacket, shirt, shoes, and occasionally a tie. All black. Even clergymen have that little square inch of white at the throat. Not these fellas. Just black. Maybe the Zorro Look-alike Contest was being held afterward.

Snarky asides aside, this is an improvement. Makes for a change from the purple and orange aloha shirts or the T shirt with the owner's favorite semi-obscene rock band logo on the back. It does show some appreciation for the place and the occasion and some respect for the dead. Tradition would be best, but this is, at least, better.

(And, yes, I did wonder whether someone who, in addition to the aforementioned shirt and tie, shows up in kilt, Argyll jacket, sporran, knit hose, ghillie brogues, sgian dhu, and a glengarry might be a bit too kenspeckle himself to be commenting on anyone else's attire. But not for long.)