Monday, November 29, 2010


A week ago yesterday was the original "Stir Up" Sunday. Time to get started on the Christmas pudding. If it slipped your mind, followers of the traditional Roman Rite get a second reminder. For yesterday was the 1st Sunday of Advent and in the traditional Roman Rite that Sunday's collect also begins in Latin Excita, quæsumus, Domine. . . ", i.e., "Stir up, we beg Thee, O Lord. . . ." Not as immediate as the old Prayer Book but for Latinists who are paying attention a timely nudge.

Recta Ratio posts The History Of Advent from The Liturgical Year, by Abbot Prosper Gueranger, OSB

So, what is a Christmas pudding, anyway?

Some ideas for making your own
. None of them will be as good as my mother-in-law's, God rest her soul, but do the best you can.