Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Evening at last. . . . .

Posting has been rather sparse this past week or two. Two weeks ago we were at the Seaside Highland Games taking in the piping and some dancing and getting re-acquainted with old friends. Otherwise, no real excuse. Well, there is the annual clean-out of the office. A larger task than those of you with a tidy turn of mind might think. In fact, it is still in progress. A real clean-out requires a more brutal mind-set than I can always muster. No matter how useful it might be one day, if it hasn't been used in the past three years. . . .out it goes.

But I should have made time for mention of the Highland Games. The Seaside Games had only G-IV and G-III competitions but still a pretty good number of bands turned out. I believe there were 10 G-IV's and 3 G-III's, with two G-V bands (the L.A. Police Emerald Society Band and who else?) playing up in the G-IV comp. Good music; not enough seating.

Danced a little bit; the feet are definitely on the mend.

And for the first time we attended the traditional Mass at San Buenaventura Mission. The mission is only a couple of blocks away from the games site. It was a low Mass, reverently celebrated, with a small choir and organ provided two or three hymns in one of the most beautiful venues in California. There's a good picture of it here. (The fellow who took the photo is selling prints of it, so it doesn't seem quite fair to copy it here.) The reality isn't nearly as well-lit as the picture, which actually adds a wonderful sense of mystery to the Mass. The Sunday we were there was warm - in the 80's. Probably wasn't a good idea to wear the tweed kilt jacket. But I needed the pockets. And traditionalists do not remove their jackets to get comfy at Mass. But it did cross my mind.

No more catching up tonight it appears. Herself has peeked around the door and she is ready for our evening walk. As it isn't raining at the moment, we are off.