Friday, June 11, 2010

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break or Wise-up a Chump: Votin' Day in the California Republic

We had an election here this past week, which I should have told you about at the time, but we were rather busy. The warm late-spring weather brought in some of those nasty little black ants to the kitchen so we had some people out to spray for them. This required emptying all sorts of things out of the kitchen and covering everything else. And then moving everything back in (everything that didn't get thrown away; it's amazing what gets lost in the backs of cupboards) and generally cleaning and tidying up.

Well, the exterminator folks did a better job of getting rid of pests than the elections did. Only a primary to be sure. But now we know for certain that nothing will improve, even though the precise details won't be known until November.

The Stupid Party nominations for senator and governor were purchased by a pair of ghastly - and fabulously wealthy - harridans. The Child Murder Party renominated the current evil-tempered ("Don't call me 'madam'") Senator Boxer and dredged up a comic relic from California's psychedelic past, the love-able, folksy, and completely demented Governor Moonbeam. There were assorted other folks, some dreadful some not so much. A fellow I met named Andre won the Republican nomination for Congress in this district. He's a minister of some sort at one of the big evangelical churches in town. Seems a decent fellow. He'll get squished like June bug in November, of course. This state is gerrymandered with atomic-microscope precision. The old Tammany machine would genuflect in wonder.

You could google some of this stuff if you wanted to, but I wouldn't recommend it. You never know what you might find.